1. Fees: $40 monthly fee is due the first class of the month, cash or check please. No refunds after first class. Classes consist of hour-long, weekly meetings. Class cancellations made by the instructor will be made up at a later date. If the student misses classes due to vacation/illness/schedule conflict, it is up to the student to make up the class time by attending an extra class of the same skill level already scheduled by the instructor within the same month. **Monthly fees will not be lowered because a student cannot attend scheduled classes that month and unused time cannot be applied to classes in a different month.** Drop-in fee is $15/class, one-time use only. Private lessons are available, as needed. Please contact your instructor for scheduling. Private lessons are $20/hour. Price reduced for group private lessons (3 or more). Ask your instructor about multi-class discounts, if applicable. Class cancellation notices are posted on our FaceBook page: Chimera Belly Dance.

2. Parents: Due to limited classroom space, distractions, and student privacy issues, we cannot allow viewing during classes. Please plan to drop your child(ren) off at the beginning of the class hour and return at the end of the class for pick-up. We do have a lobby.

3. Dancers: Please try to make all classes and arrive promptly for class. We understand, of course, that life happens and sometimes circumstances are beyond our control; therefore, we don’t mind the occasional make up class when the situation permits. If you know in advance that you can’t make it, please send a courtesy email or text message.

4. Wear comfortable clothes. Yoga pants or leggings work best, preferably slim-fitting so the instructor can see what your legs and hips are doing to ensure you are learning the proper technique. Tank-tops and spaghetti straps work best for tops. Athletic tops or t-shirts are fine as well. Typically, bellydance is performed barefoot; however, if you prefer not to bare the piggies, non-slip socks or dance slippers will work just fine. Hipscarves/coinbelts are worn in class and can be purchased from our retail section.

5. Bring water!

6. Be courteous to fellow dancers and to yourself. We encourage polite joking and laughing, and silliness is a must, but only in positive tone. Negativity is unappreciated and unwelcome. We’re all here to learn and have fun and everyone starts out feeling awkward. There is no competition among us or pressure to perform publicly.

7. Don’t push yourself. Bellydancing is usually a highly recommended exercise because it is so gentle, but you know your body limits. Only do what is comfortable. If you have a medical or physical issue, make sure your doctor knows what you are doing. If you are limited by a technique, let the instructor know and an alternative method can be found. Be prepared to sign a waiver stating that you accept full responsibility for taking any class offered by Chimera Dance Studio.

8. Ask questions! If you’re thinking it, chances are someone else is too. Questioning is how you learn. If we don’t have the answer, we will find it for you or point you in the correct direction. If our style is not your style, that’s okay too. Learn what you can from us anyway—you paid for it—but don’t give up. Bellydancing skills are not instantaneous, and it is unrealistic and unfair to yourself to expect immediate results. Your body has to learn the movements. Give it time, practice hard, and then experience the amazing results. If you would like to learn more about bellydance, we highly recommend www.shira.net as a good place to start.

9. Males interested either in drumming or learning the art of bellydance are welcome. Men may choose either a more masculine style of dance that imitates an aggressive fighting posture or the more common fluid method. Notify your instructor which style you prefer. Those in search of good-looking singles for companionship are encouraged to check out the classified ads or the local animal shelter.

10. Have mercy on the instructors! Help us help you. Whether you are here to meet fitness goals, to strengthen your core, to have fun, or if you plan to eventually become a performer, we are here to teach you what we know and prep you for advancement. However, we aren't perfect. We have families, flaws, and feelings. Lots of time and effort goes into maintaining dance classes, retail, the studio, choreographies, websites, organization, administration, and scheduling. Classes are our sole source of income to fund all of this. Be courteous, and prepare to enjoy! Welcome to the Chimera Dance Studio.

Email: chimerabellydance@aol.com with questions.